The best Suit pants

Thinking about men's clothing style comes to mind, the suit pants that are pieces that add to the look. In addition to making the man more stylish, it can be used on different occasions. Searching for suits on the internet I found the soinyou store. The store is international and offers a line of products with high quality and originality. And if you're looking for vintage casual clothing, this is the store to look at.

When you are going to buy a Suit pants should fit perfectly around your waist with no need for a belt to hold them up.  You do not wear suit pants at the same waist as jeans – which are usually designed to sit lower. And the pants of this store have this great detail with buttons. If it feels like you’re going to split your pants, they’re way too tight. 

The store has several sizes, from the smallest to plus size. Just take a good look at the table and check your measurements.

The blue color seems to be easier to match according to your look, but also opt for light tones like white, gray and khaki. White should be more difficult to use because many are afraid of getting dirty and spoiling the material at the time of washing, but just be careful because suit pants require care when washing and even when sewing if you need to have them adjusted.

The pants in khaki tone are a trend in the fashion world for both women's and men's pieces. It refers to the vintage, the classic and that never goes out of style. It's a great bet if you don't already know what color to choose.

See more options for parts in the store such as: blazer, t-shirt, cardigan, shorts, shoes and more...

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  1. são cores clássicas e bem coringas.
    Gostei da primeira.
    bjs www.diadebrilho.com

  2. Sounds like a great store! These pants look cool.

  3. Oi Pam,
    Gostei da dica de calças masculinas, achei a modelagem sofisticada, e o melhor é que algumas nem precisam de cinto.
    Beijo, Blog Apenas Leite e Pimenta ♥

  4. Que peças lindas! Arrasou na dica!
    Beeijos (:

  5. These pants looks gorgeous! Sounds like a great store indeed.