Matching family clothes for christmas

Do you know where the tradition of wearing matching pajamas for Christmas originated? I confess that I don't know either, it seems that some store started to manufacture and that's how the tradition started. It seems that parents wanted their kids to be excited about bedtime so they could get ready for Christmas morning. Thus, the Christmas spirit was growing within the families along with the traditions. Thinking about matching family clothes I separated some really nice clothes that I found at Popopieshop store, on the site there are many clothes for children, babies, mom and much more like accessories and shoes.

This checkered set is very useful for Christmas nights, the whole family matching and super cozy. Remembering that the store delivers in Brazil and has free shipping on purchases over $79.

We always find on Instagram pictures of mothers and children wearing clothes with the same colors, prints and proposals, with lots of style and information. Matching family outfits or mother and daughter look is not exclusive to fashionistas. Did you know that in ancient Nigeria there is an ancient tradition called Anko and it translates precisely into the fact that two or more people wear the same clothes.

There's an amateur photographer on instagram named Stephen Tayo, he makes a lot of records of the practice in the Lagos region, where he lives. The vibrant colors, detailed embroidery and cheerful prints traditional of Nigerian fashion appear in beautiful posts, the cool thing is that in many we can always see double, triple, quadruple, all matching.

If you don't have a tradition of wearing pajamas for Christmas, how about thinking of a stylish, chic outfit like the one in the picture? A stunning look to match your daughter. I loved the color of this dress, green and red are the colors that remind me of celebrations, Christmas decorations and New Year's Eve parties.

Going back to the pajamas I would love for us to have this tradition here in our country. Because we all celebrate at home, especially in the living room and then go to sleep, so we don't need to dress up in elaborate party outfits, we just need to put on comfortable pajamas and have fun with the family.

The pajamas in the photo above have all the Christmas atmosphere with these prints and colors, as well as merry christmas in the design. Do you like to wear matching clothes?

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  1. Que dica incrível. Eu nunca pensei em combinar as roupas de natal com toda a família.
    Deve ser bem divertido, tudo mundo usando o mesmo look de natal.


  2. Oi
    eu adorei as da primeira foto e super usaria.
    Bom Poste.


  3. Oi amore tudo bem?
    Eu acho uma fofura esses pijamas viu

    Um beijo


  4. Very cute clothes, they have beautiful designs!