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I recently cleaned my dressing table and I have some makeup products that have expired and others have run out. It turns out that during the pandemic I ended up using fewer products because I had to wear a mask, and I ended up using others just for photos and videos, the ones that ended up. Now that we are vaccinated and hoping for better days, I intend to buy new makeup and was looking for wholesale makeup.

I will leave my wishlist in this post with products I would love to have.

I chose this matte lipstick kit because now I have few lipsticks and I want some matte that resist and don't stain the mask. This lipstick kit looks beautiful and still with a holiday theme.

A good foundation makes all the difference in makeup as well as an illuminator. I'm keeping an eye on the products of these brands because they are the most talked about and are references among influencers and makeup artists.
The base is more difficult to choose if you have no idea which shade to buy, but just search and see tables on the internet and reviews to be able to choose the ideal one.
A palette with sparkling eyeshadows is a good option even more because the end of the year parties are coming, using such eyeshadow will highlight the eyes and go well with the look.

We know that makeup helps to raise our self-esteem, so makeup is very important. All women are able to express themselves, through makeup with them, they become more self-confident and behind each product used, it's like telling a story. For most women, working on self-esteem is a slow process that takes years, but good makeup can make a difference, in just a few minutes. Make up helps to face the world with lightness, making her feel more powerful and more herself. But we all like to save money so it's good to look at cheap makeup brands.

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  1. Quantas makes lindas! Amei o post e a sua wishlist!
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    Beeijos (:

  2. Essa loja tem várias coisinhas legais!


  3. Adorei conhecer a loja Pam, eu também investiria numa base boa e num iluminador também, que é o único item de make que não tenho.
    Já vou conferir mais produtos comercializados no site e aproveitar.

    Diário da Lady

  4. Amei esse post, eu estou precisando de novas make. Menina tem tanta novidade aqui, estou um pouco afastada dos blogues, estou usando celular para fazer milhões de coisas, e agora tá difícil haha. Grande abraço flor.