Most hyped beauty products in 2023

According to social media, including tiktok, some products have become a trend, thanks to reviews and shopping videos. I have separated some of these most famous products of 2023 for you to take a look at and I would like to know if you have already used any of these.

Dior's lip oil was one of the best sellers, according to reviews it hydrates and adds color to the lips without leaving it sticky. In addition, it has cherry oil in the composition, which helps protect the skin as it is rich in antioxidants. It has some color options and you can even buy wholesale cosmetics.
Liquid Blush Soft Pinch, Rare Beauty
This blush has accumulated millions of views, has different colors, totaling 13. With its ultra-pigmenting formula and glow or matte finishes. Adapts to various skin tones. Rare Beauty products have been winning hearts, there are some products that I'm curious to try.

Dior's backstage line is nothing new, but last year the line's blush achieved new research. The brand launched new colors and 001 won over due to its pink tone with a cold background. With a formula that reacts to the skin's pH, with a glow effect as a result.

Nudies Matte creamy bronzer, Nudestix Influencer Sofia Richie used products from the Nudestix line at her wedding, bringing back the hype. She became the brand's beauty director and wore it in one of the most talked about moments of the year, her wedding. The bronzer comes with a brush and mirror, making it practical to use for any place and occasion. It generated many views on its application and the product became popular.

Almost Lipstick Black Honey, Clinique Almost lipstick is a mix of lipstick and gloss, with different technology due to its formula that transforms according to each skin. Its characteristics: natural translucent finish, despite the black color on the stick it does not look that color on the lips. This reminds me of a dark purple gloss I have that turns into a healthy-looking pink on the lips. I love products that change color from skin to skin.

Of course, we don't need to buy a product because it's trending, but it's worth checking out why they're trending on social media. I like to see what's trending to see if I want to try a new product or add it to my toiletry bag. Do you already use any of these products?

The product that caught my attention the most was the lip oil and blush from rare beauty, lip oil I think is good because it's something for lip health and the blush is because I like using different blush colors and I always want to try new ones.

As the year has started, it's worth organizing your beauty products, looking at expiration dates, donating what you no longer use, cleaning and writing down what you want to buy. A wish list is a good tip, you write down what is missing from your dressing table and buy only what you need. By chance, if you want to give new products a try, do some research beforehand, watch videos of reviews and ready-made makeup using the product to see if it's really worth it.

Finally, I recommend that you check out www.wordmakeup.com/, a store that sells wholesale beauty products, ships throughout Brazil and the products are of quality. I have a few palettes and lipsticks from there and I always recommend them. The website is functional, divided by brands and has all information about shipping. I hope you like this post.

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  1. Que produtos incríveis Pam. Preciso visitar esse site.
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  2. Oi Pam esses produtos parecem ser muito bons mesmo. Beijos e uma ótima semana.

  3. Produtos incríveis a loja tem muitas opções boas de marcas famosas bjs.

  4. Amei os produtos. Sempre vejo esse blush da Dior e fico doida para testar, mas a cor não ia dar certo. Os da Rare Beauty são perfeitos.